Monday, June 22, 2015

Just can't delete the truth can you? America says "NO" to The Confederate Flag

In February 2015, Pin up model and retail clothing manufacturer,  Bernie Dexter vehemently defended herself and her husband Neo Rockabilly singer Levi Dexter's decades long usage of the Confederate Flag. She claimed that the flag represents "Rebel music from the old South" and that it has nothing to do with racism and that she wasn't a racist. No one who writes for this blog ever accused anyone of "being racist" anywhere. What we have been so disgusted by is Bernie and Levi's ignorance and stupidity regarding  the flag. For years we have been angry that a fun and friendly community has been polluted by tacky and hurtful Confederate imagery. The Pin up community has only recently started having more of a dramatically diverse atmosphere with a few beautiful Black Pin ups finally making the scene with hopefully more to follow. Levi and Bernie Dexter -two of the Rockabilly world's most visible public figures- have not only been the most visible wearing and raising the same flag the KKK used at lynchings but they have DEFENDED the Confederate flag claiming it has "no racist" connotations and "just stands for music" !!! This is an inexcusable cop out. Bernie suddenly hired the first Black model she's ever featured (Jenny Rieu) right after they were called out on social media.  Now the majority of America has come out against the flag en masse. Wal Mart and other retailers will no longer carry any Confederate merchandise and many conservatives have called for the flag to be removed from previously segregated state governments in the South in the wake of the massacre of nine church members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopalian Church in Charleston South Carolin by 21 year old White supremacist Dylann Roof. Bernie and Levi have now magically scrubbed (or tried to ) all photos of themselves wearing and posing with the Confederate Flag. That is the most reprehensible kind of damage control and the most futile. 


  1. This morning's newspaper headline reads "SOUTH TURNS ON SYMBOL OF SALVERY" and it's about bloody time, too! I definitely think the recent shooting in South Carolina and subsequent photo of the shooter holding a confederate flag has finally made America wake up and smell the moonshine. Obama is now calling for the confederate flag to be removed from South Carolina's State House. Another headline in today's paper reads "GOP CANDIDATES EMBRACE S. CAROLINA GOVERNOR'S CALL FOR REMOVAL OF 'DEEPLY OFFENSIVE' FLAG". It's sad that it took 9 innocent people to die for that message to finally get through. Hopefully Bernie Dexter and Levi Dexter will now realize the error of their ways and finally apologize for supporting, defending and wearing the confederate flag. This in effect should trickle down into their fan base who also support & wear the confederate flag because they see Bernie Dexter and Levi Dexter supporting it....not realizing the dangers and connotations of their actions. That would be nice but highly unlikely because Bernie Dexter and Levi Dexter won't admit the flag is bad thing. In fact, Levi Dexter proudly hangs the confederate flag on stage when he performs. Ahhh ignorance is bliss, isn't??

  2. This is all redicilous. Banning or not wearing a flag changes nothing about racism. In fact, it supports and bolsters intollerance. If something offends you, suck it up. We have the right to equal opportunity in our country, not equal outcomes, and DEFINITELY no one has the right to not be offended. As to Levi saying the flag symbol had nothing to do with racism...maybe not for him, but it is for others. Either way, it's his right to wear or not and no one the right to never be offended. BTW, anyone seen the Clinton Gore 1992 rebel flag pin yet?, were we more racist and ignorant in the past or more racist and ignorant today?