Monday, March 2, 2015

Gawker on The Confederate Flag touting fireman

Good ways to celebrate Southern heritage: mint juleps, fried chicken, Faulkner novels.
Unforgivable ways to celebrate Southern heritage: that stupid flag, burning crosses, voter ID laws.

Though Neo Confederate flag apologists  claim that the Confederate flag symbolizes "rebel music from the South" not everyone is buying this extremely stupid argument. Gawker recently posted a very succinct response to the serious incident in Pine Hills, Orange County Florida where a fireman left an axe with the Confederate Flag outside the home of a Black resident who's house had been on fire. The ass wipe whom left the axe just happened to be the son of the assistant fire chief and we are not shocked to report that he was suspended without pay for a whopping 12 hours. That is the deep South for you.

How reassuring to read that the majority of those on Gawker don't support the Confederate Flag or make asinine excuses for it like the vast majority of the Rockabilly community. Despite our pessimism and sarcasm the media in Florida took this very seriously as should any media outlet. Far Right openly racist websites like American Renaissance have supporters who fully support the Confederate Flag as a symbol of  "White Nationalism and sovereignty."

Bottom line: The Confederate Flag is a RACIALLY CHARGED SYMBOL overwhelmingly embraced and defended by white supremacists.  Wearing and displaying it is not about "simply being a rebel" and it sure as hell is not about "coming together and listening to music at UK weeknders."

Holton told investigators he did it to "touch up" the ax at Station 42 and said to him it signified his small town roots and core values of family and hard work.
Ironic, because that flag symbolizes the destruction of families and the belief that someone else should do all your work for you — without compensation, of course.

I love how millions of "patriot" Americans proudly display a flag that, you know, stands completely against "America" and was the flag of secessionists. Also, LOL at "core values of family and hard work." That's like saying the Nazi flag stands for "peace and tranquility." The rebel flag is the American equivalent of the swastika flag and yet here it's celebrated. That says a lot about the South. All that bullshit about how it's a southern thing...the fucking declarations of secession openly stated that it was slavery (not some state's rights bullshit) that they wanted, and slavery alone. They wanted to keep the right to hold people they considered inferior as slaves. The end. Fuck off if you deny that shit.

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