Saturday, February 21, 2015

" I am not racist KKK because of wearing the confederate flag." said too many idiots like Bernie Dexter too often. Response to Bernie and Levi Dexter followers

          The Rockabilly Flag mob awaits Black students in Montgomery Alabama

Confederate "Flag Hag"  Bernie Dexter has an odd way of distancing herself for her own individual responsibility and her abject libeling of individuals. If there is anything we've learned here at Pinup activist from the previous post and the half dozen or so angry people who have contacted us these past few days demanding that we scrub all critique of Bernie and Levi Dexter it is that no one in their respective fan bases cares about the severe human rights abuses of Black Americans that the Confederate Flag unequivocally represents. They care more about Bernie's announcement that she will be doing extended plus sizing or that to criticize the usage of the Confederate Flag is "reverse hate speech". Some of these fans are incredibly deluded and obsequious. We absolutely refuse to apologize or remove our views nor will we buy into the excuse of how "meaningless and innocent" the flag is when flown in other countries such as Australia, Japan and England who have heavy Rockabilly fan bases. And we positively spit on the argument that a "sleeping Mexican statue" or a "Che Guevara T-shirt" is equally as controversial or hurtful culturally. And talks about legal action against us is equally bizarre. Public figures who choose to market themselves and be photographed with very controversial symbols such as Confederate Flags, Nazi memorabilia, Ho Chi Minh bustiers etc and who post personal opinions on social media open themselves to all kinds of critique and controversy under the First- even if that criticism is too sophisticated for themselves or their followers to understand. 

Here is what Bernie and Levi Dexter fans don't know or ignore about the Confederate Flag:

The Confederate battle flag was specifically reintroduced in 1956, just two years after the Supreme Court decision Brown v Board of Education. It was a clear protest against school desegregation and wanting to keep brutal apartheid in the Southern States. It was also raised at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) during protests against integration of schools. Thus the flag was revived to fly as symbol during the harassment and murder of Black Americans in the civil rights era and well beyond. It was often flown when tiny children and High school students were harassed by racists in the South for trying to go to decent schools. Teddy Boys in the first era who embraced the Confederate flag were some of the nastiest and most racist of all the youth sub cultures seen in Great Britain-then or now. Wow. Great "tradition" rockabilly fans. How about having some class and banning it in the Rockabilly and Pinup community and taking a long over due step up on the evolutionary ladder? I don't hold out much hope after reading the hundreds of Bernie Dexter followers and customers who believe that the Confederate Flag is "harmless."


Here is an example from a complete Ted revivalist idiot who calls himself The Rockabilly Rosetta and his frankly shithead reasoning:

"We hold to a style from a period of segregation, use the Confederate rebel flag for logos and patches, and the vast majority of our bands are made up of white men. While the population of the scene is often majoritively (sic) white..Rockabilly is a scene based largely around rebellion from the societal standards and challenging what we have all been told to do. The flag is one of the greatest symbols of rebellion in American history, and that is what most of us think of when we use it.
While some people in the scene are racist, it isn't a pillar of the community and in fact it is often frowned upon or called out by the outspoken leaders in the scene."

(Blog authors note: these "outspoken leaders of Rockabilly who call out racists" are nowhere to be found online. What you will find is an overwhelming amount of Rockabilly fan supporting the usage Confederate Flag. A hopeless community awaits a leader...)





  1. following some of the arguments that I've read about the confederate flag in the last couple of weeks, it seems that people are suggesting that if the army of one country is defeated the flag should be banned forever. I seem to remember that the 13 States seceded from the union and became their own country. they were then defeated in war. should the flag of every beaten country be prohibited?

  2. Completely different situation, Martin – you’re comparing apples to oranges. Obviously when two different countries go to war and one country wins the other doesn't lose their flag because a flag is a country's global identity. The confederate flag doesn’t represent the USA on a global basis. Isn't it supposed to be the UNITED States of America? Flying the confederate flag, with its 13 stars that represent the thirteen colonies that REFUSED to join the Union contradicts that ‘united’ ideal. I don’t think the confederate flag solely represents racism but it’s definitely a big part of it and anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously misguided. These 13 colonies were self-governed and didn’t appreciate the Union coming along and telling them to share their economic wealth with the rest of the country and to release their slaves. These colonies believed they owned the black people brought over from Africa and refused to accept the emancipation proclamation which freed something like 3 million slaves. Racism definitely plays a part in the confederate flag's symbolism. Having said that, I don't think banning the flag will change much since it's an idealism to the people who support it (and idealisms are hard to change)...but no longer accepting it in public places is certainly a step in the right direction.

  3. you will never stop us. we will not succumb to the jewish agenda of mixing with shit skins. fuck off

  4. Comparing the flag to the nazi swastika is like comparing a gold fish to a whale. Kill yourself for the love of god. It's HERITAGE! NOT HATE!

  5. LOL.

    The flag of the Union represents:
    a)manifest destiny.
    b) the campaigns of Buffalo Bill Cody.
    c) a war started because the government, supposed to be a collective of representatives from the U.S. states, refused to take its forces from a port given to it by a State (South Carolina). What is South Carolina supposed to do, just let another country occupy its port? How many people died for this shit power-hungry shit?
    d) the system under the Industrial Revolution, a system worse than slavery. That means: you are worked to the bone seven days a week in unsafe and unhealthful conditions and paid enough not to starve. When you die, you are replaced at no cost to the manufacturer. I would rather be owned by someone, so they actually have an incentive to feed me and not work me too hard so that I can work again and so they do not have to invest in purchasing another labourer.
    e) A false-flag war against Spain
    f) war profiteering in WWI (DuPont and co. made out like bandits!) and transporting weapons onboard a passenger ship and using this as an ice breaker to move in and win the war
    g) the Trail of Tears
    h) the setup at Pearl Harbour to again meddle in European affairs and hopefully fix our economy (Rainbow 5 plan, look it up). the internment of Japanese Americans based on their ethnicity alone.
    i) clearing the Pacific Islands to test out nuclear bombs. "Oh, you mean you lived there? Oops, oh well."
    j) Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq.
    k) Jim Crow and housing discrimination
    l)freeing slaves to hasten a victory and then planning to ship them back to Africa
    m) civilian bombing in Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Nagasaki and Hiroshima

    Things connected with the confederate battle flag:

    a) the flag was hoisted when a person who did not believe in slavery led an army of farmers who did not own slaves into battle.

    b) used to represent the racist side of everything that the ACTUAL flag of the CSA represented.

    c) hated for representing the racist side of everything that the ACTUAL flag of the CSA represented.

    d) used to represent the people of the South, their belief in Christianity (it is a St. Andrews cross, after all), their aristocratic-like manners and chivalry, the resistance to oppressive federal government, state power against collective-states-in-washington-pushing-around-other-states power.

    That, my friend, is the truth.

  6. Isn't that what America was founded by? Finally getting tired of some jackass suppressing government and having the courage to do something about it. So fuck off Northerners

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